Brooklyn Mixer is the best Monday night out

Just saying

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A couple of doors down from Heebies, at 78 Seel Street, The Brooklyn Mixer is now a major player in Liverpool nightlife – and it is THE place you should be heading to on a Monday night.

For a fancy-looking place, getting tipsy and beyond is easy-peasy. It’s £1.50 for a mixer or £2.50 for a double, and delicious tequila is a pound.

The music is a good mix of stuff, mostly the hip hop and R&B everyone knows and pretends they are rap aficionados too, but there’s also a surprisingly excellent selection of UK Garage.

And unlike other Monday night venues, Brooklyn Mixer boasts three floors. With the basement hosting all the house heads, the loft is where you’ll find the Garage tunes. Rest easy, there’s none of that Atomic Kitten shit (sorry, not sorry).

In opting to go to the Mixer, you can stick on your heels without worrying someone will spill their Fat Frog on it. For a new-ish night it gets pretty packed by half 12, but not overly so, and there is no need to start drinking mid-afternoon in order to get there drunk enough in time.



All in all, it’s a grand old time.

If you thought Monday nights were for Medics/freshers/people reliving freshers, you might be wrong. Brooklyn Mixer is affordable and you should definitely go.