The Cellar is throwing a results night party

They won’t be giving away free resits

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It’s the day we’re all dreading, but luckily The Cellar will be there to help us drown our sorrows come results day.

On Tuesday night, whether you’re celebrating or crying your eyes out, you can enjoy free entry and the chance to drink for free.

The night is being organised by V, a group of current students who hold nights at the Guild’s underground club every Tuesday.

The organisers say there will be a load of giveaways throughout the night, as well as giving one lucky winner a free bar tab for the night.

Entry is usually £4 or £3 on the guest list, but this Tuesday students can even win free entry through a simple card came as they come through the door.

V is a weekly Tuesday night event

Director of V, Oba Akinwale, said: “We’re out to put results night on the map and we’re pulling out all the stops to hopefully keep it there for years to come.

“It just makes sense to us, literally everybody in the university is in celebration or drowning their sorrows, so why not offer the perfect platform to do both with a ridiculously cheap bar and a bunch of free stuff?

“Our main focus is always about being as re-inventive as possible, aiming to keep up with current trends as well as make our own waves by keeping everything fresh every week.

“Something will always be done every night that wasn’t done the last.”

He added: “Our main seller is our really cheap bar though, I still can’t get over the whole £2 doubles. It keeps me happy.

“We all love vodka and free stuff, that’s why I came to uni anyway.”

Danny Harvey, event manager of V, said: “No matter what the outcome of results, at the end of the day it’s the night, and what better way to spend it than celebrating or commiserating with your nearest and dearest right in the heart of campus.

“I’m sure our mothers still love us regardless.”

The night will run from 10:30pm to 3:30am.