What your shoes say about you

If your kicks could speak this is what they’d tell you

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What you wear on your feet can be very telling and first impressions count.

Shoes can make or break an outfit so whether you’re a trainer loving hipster, a smooth suede enthusiast or cutting edge with your socks and sliders, get it right and follow our guide.


They’ve never really gone out of fashion, maybe because they are mainstream and basic. When you’re a student these are the first pair of shoes you’re likely to grab and wear after a long night at Raz.

They’re comfortable, yes, but they’re also a sign that you’re completely slacking or drained after a night out  so stop being a pussy and toughen up your toes with some heels. Sound familiar? Just a heads up, you’re not doing good job at hiding it.


Some Nikes work, and some just don’t. In this case it just doesn’t work.

These trainers should not be worn at all on campus or in your free time, (they should have died with you dad’s socks and sandals in the 90s.) The only time it would be acceptable to wear these would be when you’re off to the gym or taking the bins out. If you own a pair of these I’d say you’re quite ambitious when it comes to footwear or you’re a chav. Neither are really good things.

These pair of Nikes I’d say are far more suitable for wearing in public. The suede finish adds a touch of finesse and of course black works well with anything. They’re also super comfortable and looks very good from afar.

If you own anything remotely similar to these then it’s likely that you like to keep it simple and casual but having some edge without trying too hard  so give yourself a pat on the back.

But you’re probably not a trainers person just someone who happens to own a pair for “fresh crep” occasions.

If you own a pair these then I can definitely say you like to make a fashion statement. It comes off a bit too try-hard and the hipster revolution that seems to be happening right now isn’t as edgy as you like to believe it is.

I’d bin these, or at least not wear them in public because in ten years you’ll look back and cry at your choice of footwear.


Dr Martens are pretty much owned by everyone. In the past they were owned by punks or #rebels but recently, being hipster has become a trend and everyone who’s anyone has a pair. But if you’re one of the 80 per cent who happen to own a pair just because they’re cool then shame on you.

Smart shoes/loafers 

Brown shoes with a leather finish seem to be the next item of footwear that’s popular right now. This works well because they can be worn for casual occasions or to formal get-togethers. If you own a pair of these then you’re most likely an extrovert who isn’t afraid to try out new things and new styles.


It’s always nice to add a bit of finesse to your wardrobe. When it comes to footwear, these suede heels just about do it. If you own something remotely similar to these then you’re likely to be a girl who takes pride in her image and put a lot of effort into their outfits to lectures and every day in general.