Law students are the worst people to live with

All they do is read

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Choosing who you’re going to live with for the next year or two is a decision that should never be taken lightly. There are a lot of important factors to think about: who will mind least when I steal all their food? Who is most likely to clean the kitchen when the mess becomes almost unbearable? 

But the most important thing to do is avoid Law students like the plague. Firstly, the Law student is known to be reading all the time. For them, every week is reading week. You will only see your housemate once in a blue moon as they lock themselves in their room for the majority of the day, rarely leaving for food and the occasional moan about their degree choice. They’re probably definitely the kind of people that wee in their dorm sink.

But on the odd occasion they’re not reading, they’ll be sure to tell you about how much reading they’ve done, and how much they have left to do. For some variation, they then may go onto complain about how they “wish they’d chosen an easier degree”, implying whatever you do is a total doss.

‘Go away I’m studying’

Regardless of whether that has any element of truth in or not, your house will be littered with so many law books you won’t be able to find the ones you need, so you’ll be totally unable to study yourself anyway.

Because your Law roomie is apparently studying 24/7, they are the worst person to rely on for going on a night out with. They’re not going to come out tonight because of all the work they’ve got to do, so don’t even bother asking.

They’re not even the kind of roomie you can play a prank on, because they’re so busy trying to become an old wrinkler in a wirey white wig. Why choose a Law student to live with when you can choose someone who does a much “easier” degree, and will definitely go out with you any night you want, regardless of any 9am starts?

Easy peasy

Looking far more intelligent than you ever will

You’ll also be limited to the number of predrinks and house parties you can have. After all, how are they supposed to read 1,698 pages of contract law in one night if you have music blaring downstairs? Basically, they’ll be killing all your fun. And of course, if you do manage to sneak in a cheeky house party, make sure no one breaks any of their stuff – they’ll probably sue you.

Many Law students tend to think they are better educated and generally superior to you. You don’t need this kind of attitude in your life. The best way to avoid hearing about how daddy helped pay for them to go to the best private school in the county, is to avoid living with them in the first place.

Don’t put yourself through it, just don’t live with a Law student.