Original mouldy cheesecake victim speaks out after he was dished the dodgy dessert in Greenbank

He’s found the courage to come forward after brave Brendon spoke to us

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A Greenbank fresher has come forward after he was served moudly cheesecake in halls last year.

On the fateful evening of November 19 last year, Oliver Kearney sat down to dinner at Greenbank and was thrown into a world of trauma halfway through his dessert.

Horrified, Oliver said: “I felt shaken to the core and continually question the hygiene standards.

“Eating healthy is nigh on impossible, and I don’t really feel like I get my money’s worth.

“This was hard to deal with and added to the stresses of being a fresher.”

Greenbank meals go green

He added: “I felt pretty sick considering I’d already started eating it.”

This comes after Brendon Chesterfield’s encounter with mouldy cheesecake at Carnatic in January.

Brendon checked his cheesecake because he heard what had happened to Oliver, who has now spoken to us.

The offending Carni cake

A University of Liverpool spokesperson said: “We take the health and safety of our students very seriously.

“If students have any concerns or questions about catering in halls of residence, they should speak to a member of staff on site.”

If you or someone you know has also been affected by a dangerous dessert, do not hesitate to let us know at [email protected].