I don’t need any other night now I’ve discovered Itchy Feet

Shake that tail-feather

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Recently I experienced my first slice of hip-shaking action, courtesy of Itchy Feet, and it was the best night of my life.

The night does exactly what it says on the tin. Your very best dancing shoes will require reconstruction after what you’ll put them through. After all, if you’re not waking up after a big night with your feet sore and hips exhausted, you’re not doing it right.

So what if everyone there resembled a pissed up uncle at a wedding? Everyone knows they’re the best part, and at least there was no shuffling in sight.

We all love to rave, but Itchy Feet brings something fresh to the table. House music is good, but it’s such a nice change to hear the classics (like when the set ended with Bear Necessities. Winner). And the live brass band are something else: people were even attempting lifts. It was just so soulful. Where else in Liverpool can you get a swing version of Radiohead’s Creep?

Happy feet

Pyar joy

Two worse for wear individuals were even seen attempting to recreate the Monica and Ross “routine”. What more could you want from a night?

Itchy Feet provides the ultimate winning formula. The thrilling sense of community in singing out-loud (or poorly shouting) with the band at a gig, the priceless buzz of the night itself, and a feeling of nostalgia triggered by classic music taking everyone back a decade or two.

The theme of the night was brought to life by those sporting vintage style fancy dress, looking absolutely fantastic. It really didn’t feel like the average event, and considering it only cost £8, it was a bloody bargain.

Rankin mandem BBK

If you want something different to the same-old nights for a very decent price, then Itchy Feet is a no brainer. Some club nights manage to steal your money but not your heart, Itchy Feet stole my heart for a very modest price.