You can now stay in the libraries all day, everyday

Brace yourselves

harold cohen library sydney jones

The Sydney Jones and Harold Cohen libraries will now be open all the time.

Announced yesterday, you can rejoice in the 24/7, seven days a week resources as dissertation deadlines loom.

Guild Vice-President Alex Ferguson said: “Good news for library goers – the libraries will now be open completely 24/7, including weekends.

“This means more flexibility for students living on and off campus, and the move to a truly 24 hour University.”

the party never ends

The party never ends

Previously, the libraries closed at 11pm on Saturday and Sundays, but now no time is a bad time to do some late night revision.

English student Becky said: “Not that I necessarily spend a Sunday night in the library, but I’m sure it’ll come in handy at some point.”

Second year Angus welcomes the change too.

He said: “There’s been far too many times I’ve left an essay until the Sunday before a Monday deadline, so I welcome the change.”