Future freshers will be paying £200 more for halls than you are

They blame it on inflation

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Out of touch uni officials are bumping up accommodation prices by over £200 a year.

From September, rooms in halls across campus will be going up by £6 a week – adding up to a staggering £234 extra a year.

The current cost of living at Carnatic and Greenbank halls is £131.25 per week, but for the next batch of freshers, the sum will be £137.20 for a 39 week contract.

Vine Court will be pushing their prices up too, taking a single, ensuite, self-catered room from an eye watering £5,378.10 for the year to an even more outrageous cost of £5,610.15.

New build Crown Place – which only opened its doors in September – will also increase its prices.

Money talks in Vine Court

The University said: “In order to provide our students with a high standard of sustainable accommodation, the cost of living in halls increases year-on-year in line with inflation.

“We work closely with the Guild of Students to ensure any rises in the cost of accommodation are reasonable and competitive.

“There is a range of room types for students at various pricing levels depending on the hall facilities and contract options they choose.

“In response to student feedback and detailed consultation, the University has invested £230 million in new accommodation over the past five years, with the opening of Vine Court, Crown Place, Dover Court, the full refurbishment of Tudor Close and Melville Grove, as well as ongoing re-development of our popular Student Villages in Mossley Hill.”

What a joke

Colleen, a first year living at Carnatic, feels the cost of halls is already too high.

She said: “In comparison to the living standards the cost is extortionate.

“We have a huge pointless laundry room and no living area. It’s awful.”

Houses in Smithdown and Kensington are a fraction of the price.

You can get a house for anything from £60 to £75 a week.