Armed officers, police horses and a helicopter: There’s been another incident off Smithdown

It’s kicking off again

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Police officers, matrix vans and a police helicopter are circling the area as another incident has taken place on Smithdown.

Following a sequence of recent events in the Smithdown area, Armed officers have descended onto Wendall street, parallel to where last week’s shooting on Holmes Street took place.

Witnesses are still unsure the cause of the police presence, but say they have been around for over 30 minutes.

Josephine, a second year Hispanics student and Smithdown resident, is worried by the recent chaos.

She said: “Smithdown is a horrible place to live at the moment. Walking up the road, especially by the Asda, feels so eery.

“They say bad things come in threes, but when is all this havoc going to stop?”

Merseyside police are yet to give an official statement on the incident.