Another drugs bust in Liverpool: Lomax shut until the end of February

Student band Venus Demilo were on stage when police raided the venue

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Another club was raided in the early hours of Saturday morning after undercover police were offered drugs.

Lomax on Cumberland Street will remain closed until February 25 after police made a formal application for a closure order in court.

Sergeant Michael Hearty told the Liverpool and Knowsley Magistrates Court how undercover police were offered drugs at Lomax on numerous occasions.

He said: “Drug misuse is rife on the premises. The toilets were drug swabbed and tested positive for cocaine.”

He added: “Police officers could receive drugs from across the bar. One officer was taken out behind the bar and was offered cocaine.”

Garlands was shut down just a day earlier

After closing the club yesterday morning officers carried out an extensive search of the four-storey premises and found 10 bags of cannabis and some cocaine.

The Liverpool student band Venus Demilo were on stage when police entered the premises.

Lead singer of the band and second year Music Student Tom was playing a gig at the Lomax when the police raided the club.

He said: “We were finishing up the set and literally like 50 coppers came in.

“They told us to shut everything down and that we were being detained.

“They let punters out after about half an hour but we were there for ages.

“The last band didn’t get to finish their set.”

A man and woman, both 50 have been released on bail after being arrested for conspiracy to supply Class A drugs.