I spent Valentine’s Day with the girls and it was better than any date

This definitely isn’t bitter

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On Valentine’s Day I baked and watched romcoms with my girls, and it was so much better than any date could be. Our day was just as loving and cuddly as any date – only cheaper, more relaxed and free of those petty conventions you’re expected to follow: I mean, why should I use cutlery when eating?

Was going out, getting immensely drunk and finding handsome strangers in bars an option? Yes. Did we want to? Absolutely not. We had each other and the day was absolutely flawless.

The best thing about the whole night was that we were under no obligation to look even remotely good at all. There was no spending extortionate amounts of money we don’t have on dresses that make us nervous to order chips with our meal, and having to shave our whole bodies. No agonising over our hair and applying layers and layers of make up.

We woke up like this

Imagine rocking up to a date in a t-shirt you slept in and fleece joggers. You would feel hugged from the inside, but it probably would not go down well. Your girls don’t care what you look like, and even if you look like absolute death they’ll still tell you you don’t look that bad. It’s a no-brainer.

Kitted out in old bar crawl t-shirts, glasses and minimal make up, we proceeded to channel our inner Mary Berry and make mountains of cakes. Healthy? No. Elegant? No. Is eating three courses of cake better than the standard starter, main, dessert you’d have to opt for on a date? Well, yeah.

No make-up + lots of cake = a brilliant start.

What more could be added? Did I hear you say awful SnapChat stories? I thought so. It’s funny and kind of acceptable among your friends, it’s just dead weird with your date.

Unfortunately, most dates won’t appreciate how utterly hilarious the caption “bae eating soup” really is. Fun sponges.

We even lit a candle.

Finally, and most importantly, why settle for what will likely be an underwhelming and slightly awkward real date when you can enjoy the dates-to-die-for featured in your most loved romcoms?

We went in with a strong start on this front –  some might say a modern classic, Valentine’s Day. Patrick Dempsey, Ashton Kutcher, Eric Dane, Taylor Lautner.  Eye candy galore. Ashton won’t mention the chocolate that’s hanging off your chin.

Such films simply lead you to expect far too much from all dates – so what’s the point in signing up to inevitable disappointment? Life just isn’t 10 Things I Hate About You and more often than not, Heath Ledger isn’t going to serenade you on a bandstand. If you aren’t talking that level of commitment, I don’t want to talk.

We saved one for you Ashton

Let’s be honest, in a choice between fantasy and reality, fantasy wins every time. Who fancies sitting in an over-crowded restaurant surrounded by other couples who wish they were at home with their mates, eating an overpriced set menu and struggling to maintain interesting conversation?  Yeah. Tempting.

Why, when I could be sat on the sofa eating my own body weight in white chocolate and peach blondies, would I even consider a pretentious evening meal that I probably don’t enjoy? A night in with your girls does not need to put you through that.

Valentine’s Day does only come around once a year, if you don’t use that one day to show your girls you love them like the boyfriend you don’t have and eat copious amounts of cake, then a reassessment of priorities is needed.