Take Me Out comes to Carni

Let the Carni see the bar

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Carnatic’s Thursday night rendition of Take Me Out saw the Herculaneum Room transformed into a love grotto, with an abundance of heart shaped balloons and a hue of romantic lighting.

With the contestants emulating the perfect mix of awkward and desperate, despite only four rounds, the night was a success.


Cheap drinks and embarrassment

Participants were mostly selected by their table drunkenly chanting their name until they gave into peer pressure.

But with £80 worth of Nando’s vouchers and four bottles of wine given away, it was well worth the awkward ten minute spin on stage. Even if only two out of four of the guys snagged a date.


Me with my fly honey on the right


Strike a pose, Nick

The role of Paddy McGuinness was taken over by RA Nick Jones, who at points had to delve into the audience to drag up spectators to fill the seats on stage.

While the first contestant didn’t get a date, he did get a heartfelt description from his best mate, a bottle of wine and 20 quid to spend at Nando’s.


The girls playing hard to get

When it was my turn to go center stage, my friend shared some delightful stories about me. She told the audience I could only afford to wash my clothes twice last term, as well as revealing that I’m not even attracted to girls.

Still, having four friends on stage meant I had a lot of choice for a date, we now have £20 to spend at Nando’s and are a bottle of wine closer to being absolutely trollied.

The third contestant likewise managed to find a girl when he gave a description of why Jason was such a good name. Well done Jason.


“This one’s for you, mum”


“Please, God, will somebody date me.”

The fourth and final contestant unfortunately didn’t find true love, despite telling the girls about his rhyming siblings, Dawn and Sean – as well as his passion for gardening.

Bryony in Lady Mountford said: “It was really funny, I completely regret not going up.”

Thank you to Carnatic’s very own Cupid, Nick Jones, for making Valentine’s that bit more bearable.