Picking up gay men in the Sydney Jones

Apparently it’s a thing

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We spent the day in Sydney Jones trying to uncover whether cruising is something that actually happens.

For those of you living under the proverbial heterosexual rock, cruising is when gay strangers meet up for casual sex in public places.

Tab readers will remember the article published a year ago outing Sydney Jones as a notorious gay cruising hot spot.

With nearly 2500 votes on cruisinggays.com and a respectable four star rating, we set out to discover substance to back up the stats.


“Warnings: Straight guys, lol.”

I trawled the aisles of the SJ trying to make awkward eye contact with any guy that would look my way, coughing three times as cruisinggays.com advised.

Upping my game to the Grove Wing, basement and upper floors, flaunting my goods in hope of a response still brought nothing.

Apparently a Friday afternoon is not peak-time for cruising. I got absolutely zero interest. Maybe I’m not the seven out of 10 I thought I was, or maybe the cough sounded contagious rather than alluring.

Either way, my quest for the D proved unsuccessful.


Peacocking with a copy of “A Story of Christian Ethics”

Following the many casual rejections, I fired a tweet to the library itself to get the inside scoop on any potential SJ cruising.

Sounds like the SJ might not be the hot bed of cruising gays we were first lead to believe. After all – @LivUniLibrary knows best. 


Did the library just par me?

First year Alex thinks: “The whole thing sounds a bit creepy and would require a lot of people skills.”

However Alexander, an Ancient History student, disagrees: “I wish there was a gay scene in the SJ.”



Despite approaching several members of staff to ask if cruising was happening inside the SJ, none could give an official statement confirming or denying the long-standing rumours.

That’s not a “no” then.