Suspicious package believed to be heroin posted through third year’s door

They didn’t even have to sign for it

druggie drugs heroin Langdale road parcel smithdown

Unsuspecting Langdale residents were left baffled after a bizarre parcel containing heroin was posted through their door.  

The house of five third years received the package – thought to contain the class A drug – through their letterbox on Saturday.

It was delivered to the house on the fourth most dangerous road in Smithdown in card and bubble wrap.

One of the housemates told The Tab: “It was an air-tight bag, with probably about five grams in there.

“It was wrapped up in card and bubble wrap. We weren’t sure what it was so we Google-imaged it and it came up with heroin.”

This isn’t the first dodgy antic to occur on Langdale Road

The parcel was addressed to a fake name, and when the final years rang the police they were told to throw it away.

The housemate added: “We contacted the police and they took loads of details about the packaging and things, but when they said they couldn’t find any leads they told us to bin it.

“We asked if it would be okay to put in the water system and they said they wouldn’t know unless they tested it. It’s so bizarre.”

The house residents wish to remain anonymous

After speaking to one of their parents who is a police officer outside of Liverpool, the students were advised to take the package to Merseyside Police for testing – even though they didn’t seem particularly concerned before.

The Langdale residents said: “They said they are going to test it, but we’re never going to find out what it was.”

Another housemate added: “How embarrassing if it’s just parmesan or something.”