The roof in the Sherrington building has collapsed

Hooray no lectures

cancelled collapse destroyed lectures madison cafe north campus Sherrington building staff

The roof of the Sherrington building has collapsed, destroying the lecture theatre.

Lectures have been cancelled until Monday after the roof unexpectedly gave way at the weekend.

It is not yet know why the roof caved in on the building on North campus, but it it already being repaired.

Lecturers informed students this morning lessons could not take place because “something had happened”.



In an email cancelling today’s 3pm Psychology lecture, Undergraduate Experience Administrator Debbie O’Brien said: “Something has happened in the theatre and half the seating has gone.

“It’s all we know at this time.”

A staff member from the Madison Cafe, part of the Sherrington, confirmed all staff members were informed yesterday that the roof had collapsed unexpectedly.

Front desk staff have confirmed the collapse took place last weekend, destroying seats and leaving the lecture theatres out of use.

Builders are currently on the site as the reconstruction process started earlier today, and will continue until next Monday.


A first year Psychology student didn’t seem very disturbed by the incident.

They said: “Apparently the roof collapsed? I’m not too sure what happened.

“To be honest though, I am just glad the lecture was cancelled.”

As a result of health and safety, lectures will not take place until further notice.