Forgotten how to use the toilet? The University is here to help

There is a lot to remember after all

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Just when you thought you’d escaped the monotony of lectures to grind out a number two in Sydney Jones’ well-equipped facilities, you find yourself confronted with another, rather more comical lecture.

In this day and age, most of us forget how to use such a complicated device – it’s trivial and unimportant in the grand scheme of things.

But do not fear. The University has taken to placing informative signs in library toilet cubicles, which thankfully instruct you on the correct ways of using a toilet.

Please do not climb the toilet in search of higher ground

The sign starts out with good intentions, and the brains behind this reminder could be forgiven for some instructions.

The bit where they ask you to flush toilet paper down the toilet and not put it in the bin is a pretty reasonable request: anyone who is ashamed to say they’ve been to Ayia Napa will note the signs asking you to do the opposite.

But after that, things start to get weird.

After instructing “please sit on the toilet and don’t stand on it”, the sign goes on to ask if you wouldn’t mind flushing the toilet with your hand, and not your er… foot.

Please don’t roundhouse the flusher

Informative clip-art is included just in case you’re having trouble with all these complicated letters and words.

The greatest one is undeniably the cartoon figure washing his feet in the sink, accompanied by the text: “The sinks are for washing your hands only. No hand towels or toilet paper should be used as a plug.”

If you’re still unsure on the correct University of Liverpool toilet etiquette, please check out the complete sign below.