Can we tell your course by your clothes?

Putting preconceptions to the test

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We all know the course fashion stereotypes, from hipster humanities to the scruffy scientists.

Most would say they can tell a student’s subject simply by glancing at their garments, but can you really judge a book by its cover? Does the course really match the clothes?


We guessed: French / Languages

Actual Course: Business

Smashing the smart suit stereotype, Emma injects colour into the business world with her bright coat and scarf.


We guessed: Politics

Actual Course: Aerospace Engineering

The jacket and suede shoes combo proves a popular trademark among these engineers. Whoever said science couldn’t be stylish?


Inseparable Medics


We guessed: Medicine

Actual Course: Medicine

Casual vibes ooze from these medics with no scrubs in sight.


We guessed: Economics

Actual Course: Mechanical Engineering


We guessed: English

Actual Course: Law

Anna’s quirky tartan jacket proves perfect for the SJ – home of the hipsters.


We guessed: Business

Actual Course: Bioveterinary Science

Putting the chic in science geek, Lavanya subverts all fashion stereotypes with her winning monochrome masterpiece.


We guessed: History

Actual Course: History

And finally can you guess the subject of our argument and fashion editor?


Actual Course: English