Fresher has laptop nicked by burglar in Rankin Hall

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Opportunistic robbers stole a laptop from an unsuspecting freshers’ room after he left his window open.

The incident at Rankin Hall was reported to police by a member of the public on Sunday.

The individual forced their way into Carnatic at some time between Saturday evening and 5am on Sunday.

It is believed a window was left open on the ground floor which allowed the burglar to crawl through and steal a laptop from the student’s desk.

the fuzz on the scene

The windows in Carnatic are narrow in order to stop students falling out and burglars squeezing their way in, but this clearly has not been much of a deterrent this time around.

A spokesperson for Merseyside Police said: “Merseyside Police can confirm an investigation is underway following a burglary at a property in South Liverpool reported on Sunday 1 February.

“Officers were called, at around 3.20pm, by a member of the public reporting that entry had been forced to part of the student accommodation in Rankin Hall, Elmswood Road.

“It’s believed the incident happened at some point between 6pm on Saturday, 31 January and 5am on Sunday 1 February.

“A laptop was stolen from the property. CCTV from the area is being sought and an investigation into the full circumstances surrounding the incident is continuing.”

Before Christmas, Rankin Hall became a popular location for intruders, but this time around the suspect had more than just a stroll in his mind.