Liverpool one win away from Uni Challenge semi-finals after smashing Bristol

Take that Bristol

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Our top smarty pants pulled off a dramatic comeback to defeat Bristol in last night’s episode of University Challenge.

The four lads claimed a 175 to 115 victory in what was a pre-recorded quarter final, despite being behind on the scoreboard with just five minutes to go.

The brainy foursome had overcome Glasgow and Sheffield to win a place in the first quarter final, and after rising to the occasion in pivotal rounds on fossils, the anatomy of fish and the ratio of a photons, the team now have a second quarter final to swot up for.

But the contest was not all plain sailing for the boys.

They struggled to name the Northern soul songs in the dreaded music round – answering Aretha Franklin for all three questions.

But the teams’ never-say-die attitude saw them defy the odds and have us all on the edge of our seat (well, kinda) as they picked up the win in the final minutes of the contest.

When they were on the show last time

Paxman seemed to be pleasantly-surprised by the teams success, too, and had much kinder things to say about our boys this time round.

He said: “You like living dangerously don’t you?”

Yes Jeremy, yes we do.

The team is made up of Captain Declan Crew, 22, French Masters student Hugh Hiscock, 23, Astrophysics student Ben Mawdsley, 21, and Tropical Disease Biology student Jem Davis, 21.