There’s way too much student accommodation in the city

And it’s really pissing off locals

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Specialist property big dogs have said too much student accommodation is being built in Liverpool as the number of beds is set to explode.

Top firm City Residential have warned the expected rise of students in the city is nothing in comparison to the number of houses being built for us.

Now furious locals are kicking off about the overwhelming number of undergraduates and have accused the council of neglecting Scousers.

This week, Liverpool council rejected images of a regenerated Lime Street after designs included student accommodation replacing the historic stands of The Scala building.

Other loved buildings such as the Odeon on London Road and Princes music studios on Dale Street are at risk of being converted into restaurants offering takeaway student discount prices. This trend is non uncommon, it is happening everywhere in the world.

No votes for you Crown Place people

The brand-spanking new Crown Place being built

Figures predict by 2017 there will be 25,000 student beds, with this number expected to reach an astonishing 35,000 by 2020.

Disgruntled Scouser Janet said: “You go into town and all you see is student accommodation, and discounts here there and everywhere for students.

“It really gets me annoyed as they’ve always got enough money to go into pubs nearly every night while there are people out there living in poverty.”

Another local agreed, saying: “Many families that need houses are being past by while Liverpool City Council think more about students and people who don’t come from this city.

“Liverpool City Council are a joke.”


Who’s calling us rowdy?


Not everyone agrees with Janet

Despite some negative comments from locals, Dominic, a second year Physics student, said: “It’s offensive to learn some locals don’t appreciate what students bring to Liverpool.

“I live off Smithdown Road, on a loan that doesn’t even cover my rent.

“I’m not living some high life, neither are any of my housemates.”

While the rise of student homes is a concern for some, the market suggests Liverpool is an “extremely attractive” city to study.

Although, City Residential say with more students wishing to live in town, Smithdown Road is likely to suffer in the future.

Locals are annoyed how students are out all the time

Locals are annoyed how students are out all the time

A spokesman for the firm said: “There is a consensus among the optimists that student numbers will continue to rise rapidly in the city over the next few years.

“In reality this is unlikely to happen with the universities more than happy to maintain existing numbers and potentially only grow numbers very slowly.

“The recovery is turning into a boom.”

They added: “This continues to reinforce our view that Liverpool is maturing as a city and is now attracting different types of purchasers who are seeing the city as a real alternative place to live as opposed to the suburbs.”