On a roll: These second years haven’t bought toilet paper for an entire semester

No drip dry here

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Thrifty second years have been taking the piss by not buying toilet roll since the start of the semester – saving themselves just over £50.

The house of seven have “borrowed” loo roll from around uni, not paying for a single roll since September.

When asked how the housemates got into this absurd hobby, one admitted it wasn’t something they tend to brag about.

The Engineering student  said: “There’s seven of us in the house, so we get through shit loads of loo roll and it’s such a pain to carry massive multipacks back from Asda.

“It started off as a way of saving money, but now it’s such a laugh, we know it’s really sad.

“It’s got to the point now where we actually compete with one another to see who can bring back the most.”

For street cred purposes, the face of this student has been blurred

Saving just £7 each for the whole term, another housemate, who studies History confessed: “I sort of get an adrenaline rush from it, especially when I find one of those giant rolls.

“I have to try and get out of Sydney Jones with a massive loo roll peeking out of my handbag and hope no one sees me and thinks look at that saddo.

“We’ve only done it for a semester so far, but who knows what the future holds.”

Shits and giggs

Another added: “When I realised it was becoming a competition in the house, I wanted to try it out to see how hard it would be.

“But they are literally just left around in packs of four rolls – they don’t exactly make it hard for you.

“The best places to look are those hard-to-get-to toilets.

“They’re so awkwardly located the cleaners can’t be arsed to re-fill the loo supply every day and just leave them in stacks.

“Or maybe other students are at it too?

“For anyone wanting to take up the sport, I would suggest starting in the basement toilets of the Harold Cohen.

“It’s like a gold mine of loo roll down there.”

According to the Physician, there is an economic element to the reasoning behind their roll-robbing.

They said: “Paying £9,000 a year for six contact hours a week is crazy.

“I am only trying to get my money’s worth.”

Perhaps,this will inspire a new generation of loo-roll-pinchers, or maybe even the beginning of a new society.