Startling figures reveal sexual assaults have more than doubled in a YEAR

Criminal charges were brought in only 15 per cent of cases

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Terrifying figures show there were over 20 reported sexual assaults in bars last year – twice the number of cases in 2013.

24 sexual assaults were reported in licensed premises in 2014, compared to just 10 the year before.

The total figure of sexual assaults across the city last year is a worrying 145.

In only 71 cases were arrests made, and in 23 instances criminal charges were pressed.

Sexual assaults in licensed premises have more than doubled in a year

A Liverpool student told The Tab her upsetting experience on a night out: “I was on a night out, standing by the toilets waiting for a friend when someone came up behind me and full on grabbed my arse.

“I turned around and shouted at him, saying I’d hit him if he touched me again and he punched me square in the jaw.”

The Guild’s Call It Out campaign encourages students to come forward about all types of sexual assault.

In September, Citysafe also launched the campaign “There’s no excuse… don’t grab, grope, pinch, fondle.”

The “it was only a bit of fun” mind-set is being tackled by campaigns like this one, as well as the “grab, grope, pinch” or “fondle” culture.

The Guild’s ‘Call It Out’ initiative that recieved support from leading feminist Laura Bates at her talk given on campus last semester

Operational manager at SAFE Place Merseyside, Shelly Stoop, highlights the importance of reporting an incident: “I don’t think the number of assaults has gone up, but the number of reports has gone up and this is what we want.”

She also pointed out men can be just as vulnerable as women when it comes to sexual assault, so the taboo against male victims reporting sexual assaults needs to change.

Stoops added: “People can access our service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without having any police involvement.”

SAFE Place Merseyside offers forensic medical exams, emergency contraception and emotional support for sexual assault victims, contact them on 0151 295 3550.