The average student thinks they’ll have to apply for 24 jobs before reaching employment

This will not motivate you

Graduates expect to fill out an average of 24 applications before they land themselves their first job. 

A new report by YouGov has revealed some pessimistic statistics about life after University.

Students believe they will earn on average £20,050 a year in their first job after University. The average graduate starting salary is between £18,000 and £29,000.

Yet, the research also shows students acknowledge how important having relevant work experience is in finding a job. More than three quarters, 76 per cent, of students believe it might be a barrier.

Dole queue?

James McCoy, Research Director at YouGov, said: “Although the economy is showing signs of recovery, young people feel that they face an extremely tough employment situation.

“Most see finding employment as hard work, and the number of applications they expect to fill out is testament to that.

“They also appreciate how competitive the market is and how much of a premium employers put on experience when hiring staff and on balance feel that internships – although potentially exploitative – are good for their job prospects.”

But students have also expressed worries about the quality of their degrees. A recent survey found a feeble 33 per cent of Arts students believe their degree will put them in good stead for the future.

These concerns have been echoed by Education Secretary Nicky Morgan. The MP said in November that the idea choosing arts subjects keeps your career choices open “couldn’t be further from the truth.”

MP Nicky Morgan