Which sex position is your university?

We’ve all got our favourite sex positions, but are you nailing the right one for your uni?

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Ever felt like you just weren’t getting the right angle for all the notches on your bedpost at university?

See which karma sutra position fits your uni, and then maybe try switching up your sex style with some other students.

Aberystwyth: Doggy

It’ll get you hair swinging

If all the sheep-shagging rumours are true, Aberystwyth loves taking it from behind. Either way it’s a solid position and very hard to get wrong.

Bath: Stairway to Heaven

Just make sure your housemates are out

Everyone at Bath is used to the upwards hill climb. You’re either really lazy or really sporty, so you can pick your place on the stairway to heaven (or hell if you slip).

Queen’s University Belfast: Dry Hump

Because actual penetration is for fools

Lights off, clothes on – keeping it extra safe. Belfast like to tease and rub, but never commit to the full thing.

Birmingham: Olympic village

This one will make you red, white and blue

Birmingham’s althetic cohort will love the Olympic Village. Take one for the team and embark on this “fuck-fest”, requiring a lot of stamina and not that much romance.

Bournemouth: Leg Up

Lapping it up

Love being by the sea but can’t face the cold? Bournemouth’s position transports you from the bedroom into the bath where the waves will make you feel right at home. But watch out for water infections.

Bristol: Reverse Cowgirl

‘Bang me like you just got your inheritance’

Bristol try really hard to be a bit edgy and a bit different, but this one’s pretty standard… like everyone at Briz.

Cambridge: Stand and Deliver

Cumming for the college system

It’s a pretty famous position, but you’ve got to try pretty hard to do it and only the best can pull it off.

Cardiff: Frisky Floor Show

The same reasoning as Aberystwyth, but it’s slightly lower down and a bit more daring.

Durham: The Long Pole

Scarf and ski goggles are a must

Pretty conventional but you need to be fit, and most Durham students have already had the ski practice.

Edinburgh: Girl on Top

It’s really boring but it still gets you off.

Exeter: Spooning

Comforting, calm but a bit safe. Exeter’s slow spoon stance isn’t going to rock the bed, but it ticks all the boxes anyway.

Glasgow: G-force

Getting your G-spot on for Glasgow, this position imitates the shape of the UK to remind you Scotland exists and we’re definitely in it together.

Leeds: Tug of War

Pull on any limb for the perfect pound

You love getting twisted, and can just gaze upwards to avoid seeing gurnface while you’re tripping out on your orgasm.

Liverpool: Lap Dance

Try this to the Yellow Submarine

Liverpool’s full of strip clubs so this position is a homage to X and the City. Plus, the girls always try harder than the boys.

Manchester: The Wheelbarrow

Familiar with pumping and getting into hairy situations. You could really lose your balance and your head in this one.

Newcastle: Spread Eagle

It’s not slutty, it’s efficient

Easy to get into, and easy to hammer in. Can pull this off multiple times, with multiple people in one night.

Nottingham: Straddle His Saddle

This intimate and sexy position is almost as beaut as the campus. It’s simple and you’re both guaranteed a Big O.

Oxford: Splash the Cash

If you’re shagging on money, it’s still just as boring

Classic, a bit boring and a go to position if you’re a virgin but need to impress. Shell out on dinner and then cover your single bed in bills.

Plymouth: The Mermaid

Adopting the seaside style of the Hoe. Plymouth will probably find this position, keeping their ankles together and most things a challenge.

Sussex: Blindfolds

A slave to the darkness from the underground clubbing. Sussex can sex up any position with a bit of kink.

Trent: Anal

Alternative and edgy, but down right dirty.

UCL: By the mirror

UCLers are only into each other and themselves. In this beast with two backs, you mirror each other’s movements. Check yourself out and get yourself off.

UWE: Missionary with socks on

UWE are just a little bit dull.

Warwick: The Octopus

‘Just let me get my leg up here… and then you move that one there…’

Here you get to both try really hard to give each other pleasure, but it just ends up confusing and fucking awkward.

York: Horizontal Spoon

It’s about as lazy and boring as you can get. Great for hungover mornings, you can even watch University Challenge at the same time.