Dating Guide: Second year

You can have it all

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The transition from slutty first year to sassy second year is pretty easy once you’ve had a three month long summer holiday to reflect on how much you ruined your life over the past year.

The second year can see more solid relationships forming with your fuck buddy from first year, but still have nothing too serious.

Rather than going at it like there’s no tomorrow, a sassier option can be adopted to ensure you’ll no longer have to take a monthly trip to the sexual health drop in on campus.

No one’s a fan of that.

Don’t do this

Something like this

Second year student Candice put it simply.

She said: “In second year your magic number is close to double figures, if not over.

“The fear of meeting someone who is the one and they reject you for your slutty past is terrifying.

“So you gain your sassy status by flirting all night, having fun, then walk off as if you’re in control. The sex is never really worth it anyway.

“The boys who you didn’t get with in first year now want to shag you because of your new found sassiness.”

Take note guys.

Match made in heaven

Alternatively, you might settle even further down into a full blown relationship, like Louise.

She said: “I met Paul on about my third day of freshers, and fancied him straight away.

“He wasn’t like anyone I had met before and it didn’t take us long to seal the deal.

“We pretty much shagged every time we went out (six or seven nights a week) from September to December.

“Everyone kept on telling me I was falling for him and I was going to end up with him but I genuinely could not see it. I wholeheartedly just thought it was about sex.

“But it obviously wasn’t as we weren’t interested in anybody else and loved spending time together.”

Not the couple in question

She added: “It was in early February we actually got our shit together and made it official.

“Lots of wasted time acting proud and heartless.

“Now we’re happy as Larry and easily the best couple to have ever lived. Shabba.”

Nice slutty to settled transition.

Sabrina shares another sassy anecdote:

“In my sassy phase I brought one guy back to my bed and attempted to give him a cheeky blowjob, but he stopped me as he knew about my new sassiness.”

A couple who raves together stays together

Alright for some.

As you can see, second year is all for the sass.

Yes, you’re still a sex pest of a student so can have your fun here and there…but not a repeat of the relentless, shameless sexual escapades first year brought.

Instead, take a leaf out of these second years’ book and either get serious with your fresher friend with benefits, or become a total tease.

So cheeky.