Is sober the new way to rave?

There was a baby strapped to a raver’s chest

baltic triangle morning Gloryville Raving sober

6.30am is a time you only see if you’re on your way home from the night before or if you’re absolutely barking mad.

Never in a million years would you imagine going to a rave, stone cold sober, at 6.30am – until now.

Morning Gloryville is a unique dance/yoga/meditation/loving life experience that fully understands the meaning of being high on pure happiness.

Starting at the break of dawn, all the components were there of a typical “rave”. But we were as sober as a judge… and it was actually fantastic.

Who doesn’t wanna hula hoop at 7am

Someone’s been to the hippy hole

The Baltic Triangle venue, Constillations, created a paradisical setting for the event: raw fruit smoothies, beetroot or blueberry flavoured bagels, hula hooping, yoga, free massages, bean bag chairs and a cracking DJ set that made you want to throw your hands up in the air and jump about like you just don’t care. So we did.

From die hard hippies to young babies strapped to their parent’s chest (baby’s first rave), from those popping in for an hour on their way to work or bringing their kids just before the school run, everyone was there. They just wanted a good boogie.

This happened

The organisers had really gone to town on the groovy decorations. Chinese New Year inspired dragons and inflatable toy animals, plus textbook things like dream catchers and a heavy amount of glitter.

Many ravers went hard with fancy dress (we actually felt rather out of place without a luminous wig or feather bower of some description) and looked fantastic.

Motivational messages were dotted around the venue, adding to the happy atmosphere of peace and love. We’re talking massively positive vibes.

Like most raves, a feeling called love was all around and everyone was smiling. It was very refreshing not to see nightmare gurns and profuse sweating, but everyone still having a wicked time.

How trippy it could have been

Hula hooping honeys

Hippy hug

The party ended at 10:30am with a big fat group hug and ritualistic “gong bath”.

For those still standing, we conducted a musical meditation circle that was very relaxing. A seriously cool man in an epic native american headdress played the didgerdy doo (yes) among other quirky instruments as we lay down and processed the spectacular morning of madness.

The rave genuinely concluded by us holding hands, sat in a circle, chanting “Ommmmmmmmm”…I shit you not. It was sick.

‘Never too young to rave’ is what the Dad said

It is what it is

Morning Gloryville is a definite must to set you up for the day in a way that will make you feel like you can take on the world – without the following 24 hours making you look and feel like a swollen foetus.

It’s totally worth the 5:30am wake up (though semi soul destroying at the time), and may even challenge your view on how necessary drugs are to have a good time. May being the most important word there.

The next glorious Liverpool event is on February 4 2015.