War on Christmas: Elf and Safety grinches BAN decorations for devastated freshers

It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year

Scrooge jobsworths are banning Christmas decorations for freshers. 

Trees and paper snowflakes have been given the elbow by joyless busybodies in halls at Liverpool.

Vine Court and Greenbank freshers will be left with no Yuletide cheer as festive fandangle was deemed a fire hazard.

Matt Dennies, 19, said his flat in Vine Court won’t be able to get in the mood for Christmas without a tree.

That’s a really small six foot

The physiotherapy student fumed: “We bought a fake tree for £30. They said our tree was a fire hazard but it’s nowhere near an oven.

“We told them we wouldn’t put fairy lights up and they still said no. We didn’t even get to put it up.

“I assume they think it’s going to spontaneously combust.

“We put up paper chain rings and paper snowflakes and they came round and told them to take it down.

“We spent £40 in total on decorations.

“There’s not been any fires here all term. Surely the tea-towels or curtains are more dangerous?

“We’ll have no Christmas spirit in our flat. We can’t even put our secret santa presents under the tree.”

Meanwhile in Rankin

Living areas will also be bare of baubles and tinsel in Greenbank.

Greenbank grinches halls confirmed decorations were not allowed. A spokesperson said: ” It’s a fire hazard.”

First years in Carnatic are enjoying their festivities free from fleece wearing non-believers.

Freshers in Rankin have decorated their flat

Ironically, holiday fire awareness groups say synthetic trees help to prevent danger.

JR Fire Safety said: “Christmas tree fires are the number one cause of holiday fire in homes and offices all over the world. To avoid a Christmas tree fire, choose an artificial tree this year.”

But Crown Place allowed tenants to decorate their flats as long as no damage is caused.

A worker said: “Only electrical items like fairy lights aren’t allowed, but everything else is fine, including Christmas trees.

“We recently carried out checks so students know what is allowed and what isn’t. As long as surfaces aren’t damaged it’s fine.”