Freshers ‘tripping ballsacks’ after taking shrooms grown near halls

Suspected spottings of magic mushrooms on campus and in halls

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Fancy getting freaky for free? Well Liverpool’s rife with some of nature’s favourite hallucinogenic.

At £9,000 a year, you might as well treat yourself to some shrooms growing both at Carnatic Halls and on campus.

These beauties have been sprouting up around campus and multiple sources told The Tab of their whereabouts – and they seem to match up.

This little baby won’t survive the winter

The legit mushrooms have been tried and tested by freshers themselves last year and they fucking loved it.

One told us: “It was a glorious morning when we found them popping up like daisies all over Carni field.

“So we picked them, dried them out and gobbled them up.

“They tasted like dirt and dead people. It was just mental.

“We went to Polka and it was the worst place to be on shrooms. It was too much tripping absolute ballsacks.”

It tastes just as rank as it looks

They added: “My mate had never tried them before and had them just before Polka.

“He was so lost and confused about life in there. I’d definitely do them again though as they were incredibly fun.

“Moral of the story is: don’t go out on mushys.”

Though out of season at the moment, fear not liberty cap lovers: you now know exactly where to venture when you’re up for getting a bit crazy.

Just be mindful not to pick and Polka on the same night.

This article and its authors in no way advocate the use of illegal substances.