What your room says about you

Your boudoir isn’t edgy or cool, it’s just another stereotype

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The bedroom. It’s the one place we can truly be ourselves, our own little world where we can fully embrace everything we love, fearless of judgement.

Until now.

The Fanatic

Yes, that is Britney Spears... and yes, that is a Britney shrine.

Yes, that is Britney Spears… and yes, that is a Britney shrine

It’s easy to tell a fanatic just from a quick scope around their room.

Giant posters, autographs or a shrine (in extreme cases) are all things to look out for.

Fanatics are only nice people if you like what they like. In other words, they are very passionate and love an argument. You wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of a Belieber or Directioner.

The Conformist

the conformist


This is exactly how you’d imagine a uni bedroom – plastered in travelling pics and captured moments from first year.

The conformist will probably have quite a basic looking bedroom, with nothing too fancy or eccentric, maybe a few events posters.

Usually quite friendly, the conformist will laugh at all your jokes and tell you just what you want to hear.

The Non-conformist / The Pig

The non-comformist

I just want to hug you… with bleach.

Typically an Artsy student, the Non-conformist doesn’t give a fuck about rules or cleanliness, they have bigger things on their mind.

Spot the hanging inside-out jeans, the rather jumbled mantle piece display and the lack of visible carpet space.

Perhaps lurking in and among their mess is a hidden longing for hygiene and order. Deep.

The Hipster

The hipster

The word we all dread to hear.

Expect to see vintage photographs on the walls, vinyls on display and weird literary books that no one’s ever heard of sitting on the shelf.

Beware though, under a hipster’s bed lies the truth. Here’s where you’ll find out what this person’s really all about.

Hidden away will be all the mainstream gossip magazines, Apple products and Twilight DVD collection.

The Pothead

The Pothead

Apparently, his name’s Jacob

The clue is in the smell. That dry, musky, ashy smell that lingers in a smoker’s room. Not a good vibe.

Funky ashtrays like this one, lighters or any sign of Bob Marley are other things to look out for.

Unlike the fanatic, the smoker is usually quite laid back and easy. Of course, you do get the odd stressy chain smoker – probs best to steer clear.

The Princess

The princess

Princess mosquito net & pink fluffy fairy lights

This is probably the easiest of them all to spot.

In a prinny’s room, there’ll be perfume and nail varnish on display, there’s likely to be a lavish jewellery stand on the mantle piece too.

All these things of course are likely to be in varying shades of pink or glitter.

Short tempered, high maintenance and bitchy, the princess is hard to impress  and tolerate.

The Wannabe DJ

The gadget geek

This character is pretty self explanatory.

You’ll often find they only ever talk about their latest “sick mix” or “new beat”.

The wannabe DJ will definitely have posters on the wall, only cool events though. Obviously.

The Sports-beg



Much like the Fanatic, a Sports-beg isn’t someone you want to spend a lot of time with.

Their room will usually consist of a very coherent colour scheme: the colours of the sports team in question.

They will subconsciously be able to link any sort of conversation topic to their favourite team while successfully ignoring everything you have to say.

The Stock Room

stock room

With their mother coming up to visit them every fortnight with a fresh batch of loo rolls, shower gel and frozen home-cooked meals to last them for the next month, this character is also known as a hoarder.

In most cases, they will be a mummy’s boy or girl, meaning they fall into a vulnerable state of PANIC when asked to do something for themselves.

Might be a good investment to befriend a hoarder… You could save a lot of money.

The Baby

The baby

Clinging onto the past, the Baby aims to prevent adulthood for as long as possible by bringing all their childhood toys with them to university.

This character will be sensitive to a telling off and still trembles at the words “naughty corner” and “grounded”.

A bit of a saddo, and definitely makes for an awkward shag.