Single people make up half of Liverpool

We’re the 6th most single city in the UK

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If you’re looking for love (or a casual hook up), you’ve got a pretty good chance.

Nearly half of people living in Liverpool – 49.7 per cent – are single, according to Channel 4 data aimed at finding participants for its third series of First Dates.

193,012 singletons are up for grabs in Liverpool, so you’d have difficulty not finding one on a night out in Concert Square.

In the UK, one in three people over the age of 16 are without a bae, according to research collected by Channel 4 from the most recent national census.

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You’ll probably get lucky in Liverpool

If you want to up your chances, you’d be better off popping over to Manchester, where 55 per cent of their population are single, the highest city in the UK.

Following closely behind Manchester on the list are Oxford, Cambridge, Nottingham, and Brighton and Hove – with relatively similar numbers of unmarried people.

Liverpool’s close behind, so it’s not worth a travel if you’re in search of a date.

The research follows a study showing people who earn less are less likely to marry, and rich people are twice as likely to get married now compared with 15 years ago.

But for students, this probably doesn’t matter – marriage and money are not common things in the typical student lifestyle.

Is anyone really getting married at uni?

The UK’s cities with the highest percentage of single people:

1. Manchester (54.9 per cent) –  222,585 (Number of single people)

2. Oxford 53.8 – 68,206

3. Cambridge 52.6 – 55,781

4. Nottingham 51.3 – 128,363

5. Brighton and Hove 50.1 – 114,826

6. Liverpool 49.7 – 193,012

7. Glasgow 49.2 –  244,831

8. Bristol 47.0 – 164,225

9. Norwich 46.9 – 51,978

10. Belfast 46.6 – 106,568

You might not find true love straight away