Owner of controversial men’s only barber shop has received death threats

The owner of a barber shop that doesn’t allow women in has been attacked by people pushing tampons through his letterbox

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The humble owner of a men’s only barbers which bans women from waiting in the shop has faced an onslaught of abuse after he opened earlier this year.

The barber shop, called Barber Barber, hit headlines in the summer after their decision to ban women altogether – including children – caused outrage.

But owner of the Liverpool ONE shop, John Shanahan, told The Tab he had received death threats and even had tampons shoved through his letterbox.

A rare peek inside (for women) [YOUTUBE]

John, who’s a self made millionaire, told The Tab: “This is a witch hunt.

“I think it’s silly, it’s a mountain made out of a molehill to be vilified for a service I don’t supply.

“I’ve had tampons posted through my letter box and people saying ‘I hope you get fire bombed’.

“I’ve received death threats, threats to my family and people who do nothing for society actively try to knock me and stop me.”

John went on to argue they simply don’t have the room for women.

The enigma at night

He told The Tab: “It’s not about excluding people, men’s hair is completely different to women’s.

“We aren’t insured to cut ladies’ hair.

“Everyone in that shop must be a paying customer.

“We don’t have the room.”

This tampon wielding hysteric would not get in … especially not with those locks

Following recent press coverage of the shop John accused members of the public of trying to shut him down.

He stressed continually how much he had put into the community (with 16 jobs), how much he had struggled and how much he loved his family.

He continued: “I’m a very, very nice person, I’m a family man.

“People are blowing this way out of proportion.

“I left school at 13 and I’m a self made millionaire.

“There isn’t a man who loves his family as much as me.”

The owner defended his ban to The Express saying: “I like to see myself as an old-fashioned guy, I’m very mannerly.

“I don’t like to use foul language in front of ladies or just say certain things in front of ladies.”

This antiquated barbers undermines gentlemanly values: We sent two female reporters along to speak to its staff

We just wanted to speak to someone in the shop but it was clear we weren’t welcome.

Staff were really aggressive and called us “fucking students” – not exactly how you “treat a lady”.

We were asked if we would like a short back and sides, then when we said yes, the barber refused, saying it’s a “gentleman’s environment”.

He said: “Why can’t gentlemen have a place to go where they can speak about gentlemanly things that only gentlemen would want to hear?”

We were asked to come back or call a different day to speak to the owner. This happened three times.

Sorry love, you’re not allowed

It would seem quite fitting the gentlemen played hard-to-get, making us feel like a needy, insecure girlfriend.

It was only after we rang again and were put on hold with country music barely blocking the raised tones of voices in the background that we were eventually allowed to speak with John.

When we asked him if a woman could take her child in he suggested they got their fathers to bring them in, and if the individual was a single mum she had to leave them unattended in the shop.

We then wanted to know whether a transgender person would be allowed in, to which John said: “Their hair and head would still be different, in all my years as a barber no transgender person has ever asked for a haircut.”

He then said: “I genuinely don’t see the problem, maybe you should look up Barber Shop in the dictionary, I’m sorry if you can’t understand.”

This lady doesn’t discriminate based on gender in her shop

John got angry a few times but generally he was able to explain why his shop didn’t allow women in: whether you agree with his decision is a different matter. It seems like he is throwing away good business all in the name of boy’s banter.

He doesn’t deserve threats, and seems highly upset about being confronted with a rogue tampon on his doormat.

It’s his staff who were aggressive, uncooperative and unpleasant, leaving us with no doubt the only ‘gentleman’ walking out of there would have walked into the shop by accident.

The place models itself on being old-fashioned, but unfortunately it’s not just the decor that’s behind the times.

Liverpool’s credibility as a cultural capital and modern city is undermined by this little barbers.