The Tab tries: Meditation

It’s that time of the semester

deadlines meditation relaxation stress

Finding a way to chill out without getting high is quite difficult.

Deadlines are looming, it’s dark both upon entering and exiting the library, and it’s fucking freezing.

Stressed would be an understatement.

So why not put the heaps of notes to one side, stick something comfortable on try out a little bit of meditation?

Finding their ‘happy place’

The Meditation society is ran by relaxation instructor Kaylan, a long standing practitioner of mind-training and all that comes with it.

Probably the most peaceful person to ever grace Liverpool since John Lennon, this guy loves to meditate so much he wanted to spread the enlightenment it granted him.

Peaceful students

The class got underway with some introductory body stretches to prepare for the main event.

This was then followed by some lying down meditation, where Kaylan attempts to relax the class by taking them to their “happy place” through a tranquil story such walking through a beautiful wood.

It’s really nice to just lie back and imagine pleasant thoughts and see where your imagination takes you… honest.

We also did some mantra chanting of Babanam Kevalam, which translates to “The essence of everything is infinite loving consciousness”. Deep.

Kaylan played guitar and sang this to the group for about 20 minutes, providing an almost dreamlike state of mind. He was our very own Bob Dylan.

The sitting cross legged stance was surprisingly comfortable, with this we meditated and proceeded to positive chanting (in your head) along the lines of “I am love.”

It’s pretty deep, but evokes positive thought and definitely relaxes ones self.

Kaylan jamming

The vibes are undeniably chilled. It’s a pleasant, peaceful experience that  any student – stressed or not – should try out.

Being a student, taking the time to totally unwind (getting stoned doesn’t count) is really important.

Unfortunately it can’t be said that a euphoric, out of body feeling was achieved during The Tab’s Trial – this is something that requires years of hard practice to master.

To get on Kaylan’s level would be bloody fantastic. All in good time.


So, meditation society: it’s a yes from us.

And remember, while the class conveniently falls on a Wednesday, meditate before you Medicate guys.

If you fancy getting involved with your inner peace, have a gander at the society’s Facebook.