Medics face disciplinary action following sexist smoker script

LMSS have been banned from the guild until an investigation has been completed

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A handful of medics now face disciplinary action following a leaked document which made jokes about rape and misogyny.

The University of Liverpool has started disciplinary action with six medics following a leak of their highly controversial script for their annual Smoker – which ends with two protagonists raping Doctor No Means No.

The Smoker has been around for almost as long as the Liverpool Medical Student’s Society (LMSS) – and that’s been since 1874.

The script entitled “James Bondage in Hymens aren’t forever” was leaked last week on a now private blog, then covered by The Tab. 

The plot contains shocking lines about “sluts” and “rectal examinations” and finishes with James Bond and “Pussy Galore tying up and raping “Doctor No Means No”.

The controversial script outraged students and the public, and attracted significant media coverage.

Laura Bates, the founder of Everyday Sexism, condemned the “script that came up with horribly misogynistic rape jokes” at the guild following its release.

Apparently it’s not the first time the smoker has crossed the line

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Patrick Hackett, said: “We expect our students to comply with the University’s policy on student conduct and discipline and adhere to appropriate standards of behaviour.

“We are shocked by this material – it is completely at odds with the ethos of the University and its medical school.

“The University and the Guild will continue to work together to combat sexism and sexual harassment.”

The University is also conducting a joint investigation with the Guild into the LMSS.

The LMSS will be banned from using the University or Guild premises for social activities until the joint investigation is completed.

Read the rest of their responses here.