The Kaz won’t get kut, for now

Panic over, The Kazimier and Cream have been saved

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Defiant protesters have saved Wolstenholme Square as a petition gaining the support of over 8,000 people proves a success.

The square, home to The Kazimier and Cream, is safe after last minute talks prevented the closure of the popular clubs.

Crisis talks with local councillors, club owners, freeholders and developers were held last night after developers wanted to turn the Georgian houses into long-term occupancy flats.

It has now been decided the historic buildings will be turned into serviced apartments, saving the clubs because it removes a proposed condition requiring all clubs in the square to be shut before people move in due to noise.

Cllr Steve Munby, one of the three councillors for Riverside Ward and a member of the council’s cabinet, said: “We have reached an agreement that suits everybody, and it means Wolstenholme Square’s famous nightspots are secure.

“When we saw the application to turn the former merchant houses into apartments it seemed to be a good scheme.

“It was only when our attention was drawn to the implications we realised we needed to act very quickly.”

Unsurprisingly, the news has been welcomed by students.

Patrick Clarke, a final year English student told The Tab: “The Kazimier is easily Liverpool’s best venue.

“It’s got character like nowhere else and some of my favourite memories since coming to Liverpool have been at gigs there, so I’m obviously thrilled it’s staying for now.

Speakeasy is safe (AB Photography)

The Kaz ultras have plenty to smile about today

“It’s still worrying though that the council seem to think demolishing our inner city cultural spaces and trying to push them all out to the docks is the way to go in the future, as it’s separating art and music from the fabric of the city centre – especially as they’re always trying to market Liverpool through its cultural history.

“I’m pretty sure this isn’t over yet.”

Others are glad for more recreational reasons.

Abby, an Architecture student told The Tab: “I was given two free pills from a random guy five minutes after getting into Eat Your Greens for free.

“You don’t get that kind of service in any old place.”

Alex, a Veterinary student said, “I may have knocked myself out on the ceiling towards the smoking area, but it’s still my favourite venue.”

Cllr Munby added: “What started off looking like a car crash has turned into a really good outcome for everybody.

“Residents, clubs and councillors came together in a common cause. The owners have put forward a clever compromise.

“The planning officers have responded quickly and smartly.

“It’s a triumph for creativity and common sense. Everybody wins.”

A Cream spokesman said tonight: “Great news. Thank you everyone. The staff will be very happy.”