‘We’re just so edgy’: Freshers pioneer socks and sandals trend

Bloody first years

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A group of wavy freshers have started a footwear trend that challenges the ultimate fashion faux pas of socks and sandals.

The bold Carnatic residents are openly and proudly wearing socks and Adidas sliders sandals, so naturally turning a few heads around Rankin Hall.

When you think you’ve seen it all…

The founder of the group, Business and Economics student Toby, explained how the trend started.

He said: “I first started wearing them because I lost my shoes travelling in Bolivia and only had my sliders. But it’s cold in Bolivia. So I had to wear socks with them to keep my toes warm. And I have just been rocking it ever since then.”

Like any daring fashion statement there are pros and cons, as Toby explains.

Standard pre drinks attire

“The only downfall is if you wear them in the shower, dry off then put your socks and sliders on you can get a wet sock from the slider still being wet.”

The price one pays for fashion must not be underestimated.

Keeps the verrucas away

S&S on tour in Bolivia

The only current female sporting the look, English and History student Beth, said: “I saw the boys knocking about Rankin in their socks and sliders and thought it looked pretty cool.

“I’d never seen anyone pull it off except my Grandad, so wanted to give it a go. I’ve never looked back since.

“We’re just so edgy I love it.”


It’s now open to debate whether socks and sliders are a yay or a ney.

With this one-time fashion no-go performing a miraculous turn-around, what’s next?

Expect the unexpected with these unpredictable fresher fashionistas. It will, however, be a tragic day in student fashion if Crocs ever become a thing.

That is just a step too far.