The most eligible bachelors of Liverpool

Single and ready to keep you warm in winter

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Boyfriend season is upon us. The Tab have done you all a favour and hand picked only the finest candidates for those warm winter snuggles / shags.

Here are the crème de la crème of young, single and up-for-a-bone bachelors on campus.

1. Jack, 3rd year Psychology 

  • Our first hunk Jack is looking for a sporty female with a “great sense of humour and a nice smile”.
  • He says there is no one on the planet he would rather date than Cheryl Cole.
  • Keeping-it-classy, he would take a lucky lady to a fancy tapas bar in town on a first date.


2. James, 2nd year Business and Economics

  • Known to his friends as ‘Jamesy’, our second bachelor would love to take his ideal woman to a “secretive rooftop bar” in the middle of Barcelona.
  • On a typical night out in town, Jamesy can be found around the Baltic Triangle. He is into alternative music and adores art exhibitions, “I fucking hate Med on a Weds”.
  • “I love shopping in small random boutiques, I’m into my fashion”


3. Ross, 1st year Psychology 

  • Ross is proud to call himself a romantic and admits to sending his (now)ex a bunch of flowers and baking her cake when she was ill, “I do try”.
  • His ideal woman would be as “intelligent and independent as Emma Watson”.
  • “I cannot stand people that talk about themselves all the time – people that aren’t interested in anyone but themselves. I hate that”


4. Robert, 2nd year Architecture

  • Our next candidate shows a spontaneous streak when describing his ideal date,”I’d take her on a crazy adventure”.
  • Music-orientated Rob is into Disco and Garage. He also enjoys a weekly episode of Strictly.
  • The worst thing you could do on a date with Rob is pick your nose, “It’s an instant put off”.

5. Abdullah, 1st year Aerospace Engineering

  • This young bachelor told The Tab that his celeb crush is Actor Zac Effron.
  • The three words he would use to describe his ideal partner are, “sexy, funny and Zac”
  • “If money was at my disposal I would take my ideal partner on a date to Singapore. It truly is a beautiful country”.


6. Theodore, 2nd year Business

Crepz so bright

  • Theo doesn’t believe in spoiling a date. He says even if money weren’t a problem, he would take his date for a walk around his local town, Hampstead Heath.
  • He says his ideal woman goes through monthly phases. But it currently stands as Dance Artist “Inna”.
  • If there’s anything he hates about dates, it’s nagging. His specific words were, “I’d rather she didn’t talk”. Charming.


7. Ross (2), 2nd year Bio-Chemistry

Soo much romance he can’t even keep his eyes open

  • Typically found in Topshop or Urban Outfitters shopping the latest trends, Indie-kid Ross enjoys keeping his style up to date.
  • “Fun, relaxed and laughable” are the three words he would used to describe himself.
  • This bachelor refuses to delve into “all that romantic crap”.


8. Zachary, Final year Finance of Mathematics

  • Zacharacy describes his ideal girl as, “smooth, tall and sassy”
  • “Bold street is one of my favourite places in Liverpool, and the perfect location for a first date”
  • He admits to only ever shopping in All Saints, “it’s my second home”.