Carni creeper number two – Another stranger breaks into halls

Man spotted wandering around halls and escorted out by security

carnatic halls creeper

Another creeper has been caught trespassing in Carnatic Halls.

Last month, an unidentified second year was seen creeping into girls’ rooms.

Today a middle aged man followed two students off the bus after they had done their afternoon shopping.

lurkin' lurker

lurkin’ lurker

One of the girls said: “He got on the bus, and the bus driver said to him ‘you’re on the wrong bus mate’ but he just got on anyway. He must have been drunk.

“He had crazy eyes.

“He followed us all the way from the bus stop right to the Rankin door.

“We did manage to shut the door in front of him just in time but the caretaker let him in, he was in the building somewhere.”

After going downstairs to investigate, The Tab saw the man sitting on a sofa in the foyer and called security.




The newest Carni-creeper was asked by security where he had come from, where he was going, why he was here and if he could speak English, all of which he said nothing to.


We watched as security then took the man outside, where a student heard the group’s discussion about previous strangers who had broken in.

Charlotte, a fresher at Carnatic, said: “Someone tried to get in a month ago and said they weren’t a student and aggressively pushed the door to get in and three of us had to push the door back. By the time security came he was gone.”


Eventually, the police showed up to talk to the man who still would not respond before searching him.

Fortunately for the students but unfortunately for gossip, the police didn’t find  anything so escorted the man out of the grounds.