Thousands of students could miss the chance to vote

Some student accommodation doesn’t even exist on voting registration websites

Thousands of freshers could be left without the power to vote in next general elections.

10,000 students could miss out on the opportunity to vote because of problems changing their address.

New halls of residence Crown Place, for example, remains completely unacknowledged by registration websites.

No votes for you Crown Place people

In the past, the university has registered students living in halls of residence giving them the opportunity to vote automatically.

However, recent changes to the voting system means that students now have to register themselves.

Mossley Hill, Greenbank, and Central are at risk of huge decreases in votes, with figures showing the number registered to vote at student accommodation could be down by a staggering 90 per cent.

Last year there were 6,700 students living in halls in the Central ward. The new Crown Place accommodation has added another 1,000 students.

However, as little as 770 students may be able to vote.

Greenbank is one of the sites at risk of lower student voting turnout

Council cabinet member for employment and skills Cllr Nick Small, who represents the Central ward, said: “The council is doing some great work on getting students and young people to register with the universities and student unions, and my message is ‘it’s not too late to register”.

Not everyone is as optimistic though, with some Labour politicians claiming a “hidden agenda” is at work with much of the party’s support being students and young people in general, potentially making the changes to the system beneficial for the Conservatives.

UK general elections will be taking place May 7th 2015.