Liverpool is the greatest uni of all time… ever

Struggling to find an institution with smarts, style and culture? Calm down, love.

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The University of Liverpool may not come at the top of the rankings, but it’s still in the Russell Group and isn’t that all that really matters?

The original red brick, still going strong

There’s much more than academia that brings you here.

Maybe when you were filling out applications you searched for “red brick university without the poshos”?

Having the lowest number of privately educated students in the RG is a massive plus – god knows we can all take a break from the signet-wearing, slimy Sloanes: a common feature at other campuses.

Liverpool’s the 3rd top destination world city, just behind Rio (Rough Guide 2014) – and who needs a carnival when you’ve got Carnatic halls?

It’s got a lorra’ charm, beating the rest in the competition best university home, you’ll probably never want to leave.

The Locals

A lot of universities keep themselves to themselves and refuse to mix with the locals, but here we love them.

You can’t help but get along with the Scouse smilers, the lads will make you laugh and the ladies will have you counting rollers on a trip to Liverpool One.

Girls, you’ve got to up your get up game if you want to fit in with the Scouse birds.

Get used to this

You’ll soon be lusting after them, or their style.

And they love us back

Although the accent may seem grating and intelligible now, when you go home from Christmas you’ll be dying to hear “Y’alright la’?”

The locals seem to love us almost as much as we love them. 

The Lash

Liverpool is infamous for it’s nightlife. Concert Square is the most popular, at times resembling the Maguluf strip, but if you want something a little classier you can track down one of many hidden bars or sample some fancy cocktails by the docks.

If you prefer the Stanley Street scene, there’s amazing music and enough drags and fag hags to have you spinning around the dance floor.

We’d recommend that any prospective students take full advantage of the local night life

With the average pint at £2.50 and a double vodka and mixer for even less, you’ll be reminiscing once the year is over.

The Price

If you hadn’t already guessed, Liverpool is dirt cheap. The cost of drinks, takeaways and transport will make you wonder why you need to budget. Getting a cab with friends is usually cheaper than buses and their drivers have the best chat.

The average cost of a night out

Housing is ridiculously cheap, and there’s a lot of choice.

Whether you want student central, Smithdown, colourful Kenny, or slightly pricier town, you’ll still be beating everywhere else for rent – and you’re student loan’s a lot better off for it.

Figures from summer 2013

The Beatles

This is probably a large factor in your choice (your parent’s choice) in coming to Liverpool.

You could spend a whole term hanging out at the legends’ old haunts and a walk down Mathew Street will transport you back to the beat boys roots.

If they just aren’t for you (and don’t say that aloud), Liverpool is still all about the music scene.

The Baltic Triangle will have you bouncing in a warehouse all night, then provide you with the best breakfast in Liverpool for when you leave.

If you’re more of a classic, the Philharmonic Grade Two building will blow you away.

The Indys

For those of you who can’t stand the corporate, repetitive and unethical chains taking over the country, Liverpool’s the place for you.

It’s got the biggest selection of independent shops, which means you don’t have to feel guilty about splashing your cash on Bold Street.

Please avoid here

The Sport

Scousers care a lot about football, and a match at Anfield is the perfect reason for a culturally-awakening piss up.

If you’re ever stuck for words with a Scouser, just ask: Red or Blue?

What you can expect at ladies day

Finally, even if you don’t like horse racing, go to the races. The Grand National is a huge event, and everyone goes big. You’ll be spending a lot more time eyeing up outfits than which horse to bet on.

So if you’re reasonably clever, love cheap boozing, babes, and banter with the locals then Liverpool’s the right place for you. Just don’t take them, or yourself, too seriously.

With 84% of us in jobs or further study you really won’t have to worry.

Oh, and when you get here – read The Tab.

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