Trick or treat? House burgled on Halloween

Opportunist robbers helped themselves to laptops, mobile phones and a few tinnies

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Yet another house in Smithdown has been ransacked in the latest of a string of robberies.

Students living on Claremont Road returned home from a night out on Halloween to find their valuables had been stolen.

After failing to get in downstairs, the burglars snuck in through a second floor bathroom window, using the barbecue in the garden to lift themselves onto the wall and through the window.

Bathroom windows seem to be the entry target for thieves

The students returned to their house down at around 4am, devastated to find four laptops, including a Mac, an iPod and a phone had been taken.

They also noticed the burglars worked up an appetite on the job and decided to nick a handful of grapes and some beers.

The brazen burglars even stole suitcases to put all of the goods in.

The housemates are now taking extra precautions to ensure lightning doesn’t strike twice.

One of the victims of the robbery, third year Rhea Elliot, sais: “We set the alarm now and there’s an old lady next door who looks out for us.

“The alarm went off yesterday for 10 minutes and she rang the police because she didn’t want us to worry.

“I think it was property link who set the alarm off though.”

Police responded rapidly after the burglary, arriving at the house in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Rhea said: “The police have been so good, a police officer came and had a look around and said someone would be there the next day to take our statements.”

After the ordeal the police were more than understanding.

Rhea added: “The police officer even dropped us off at one of our friends in the van.”

Their friends gave them a consolation cake

Unfortunately the victims do not have insurance so are still dealing with the financial repercussions of the attack, but praise the speedy response from the police.