The Charlie Commentary: Halloween Special

The cheeky Charlie Worral is back rating and slating your Halloween outfits

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Halloween- a time of tricks, a time of treats and a time of tragic fashion mishaps.

Everybody knows the obvious choices – it’s scary or slutty. It’s classy or controversial. Then even when you think you’ve seen it all…you really haven’t.

The Bunny

Regina George set the bar for the fancy dress bunny but not everyone meets the standards set by the Queen of Mean. Can we really call this fancy dress? A scribble of Sharpie and a pair of bunny ears that should belong to a six year old…really?! The outfit works and on any other night I’d be praising the look but this is one hell of a half-hearted attempt at Halloween and leaves me lusting for so much more.

The second outfit however is the perfect balance of fancy dress and fashion: combining a cliché pair of bunny ears with a fitted, on trend jumpsuit. Sadly, our anonymous example refused to show her perfectly painted face. Combined with a simple wavy hairstyle and peep-toe shoes, finally… a fancy dress bunny dressing to success.

No photos please

The Skeleton

The scary and sexy debate continues with one of the most popular costumes on Halloween- which one works better?

Truly terrifying

With a half a face of paint and a half of on-point make up, she keeps it looking student friendly, while making an excellent effort to keep up with the Halloween crowds.

The Brilliant

Every Halloween, there are always individuals that stand out for their unique attire. I love Katie’s corpse bride: the combination of an off the shoulder dress with the simple yet striking colours and ambitious face paint, the look is one that works wonders, keeping fashion coherent with frightening.

Will you marry me?

My personal favourites are Matt and Bronwyn’s amazing costumes. With Matt as Gotham’s villain Two-Face and Bronwyn working THREE hair doughnuts to achieve the illusion of Frankenstein’s Bride. Great effort from the pair -absolutely mind-blowing dedication.

A gruesome pair

From a fashion perspective, my favourite was the 21st century Zombie. Wearing New Balance trainers and an oversized denim jacket, combined with contacts and gory yet glorious face paint. Olivia showed that fashion and Halloween are two concepts that occasionally do come as a package.

The Bizarre

Mary Berry is the most bizarre fancy dress I’ve ever witnessed. Stealing a skirt from his flat mate and wearing Primark’s finest polyester, I have to admit, Mary Berry has never looked better. Teamed with a wig that looks like it has been previously owned by both Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes during their infamous breakdowns, Andy is paving his way to fancy dress success, appealing to the entirety of Garlands and anyone with a fetish for women with facial hair.

Andy cooked up a Halloween treat

My anaconda don’t want none, thank you very much Hun. The only thing I’m unsure about is the fake tan Abby… maybe an Umpa-Lumpa costume would be more apt.

The ‘I’m Not Quite Sure’

The pumpkin and cat stereotypes are two that are slated year after year by fashion critics. However, these boys have a crack at it. Some would say cross-dresser, others comical – either way, it’s working. James and Ed show the ladies what they’re missing by flaunting their flesh.

Working it boys

It could be brilliant, could be bizarre, but in all honesty… I’ve absolutely no idea what you’re supposed to be. In my eyes, I can’t tell the difference between this outfit and something found in the closet of Boy George.


And looking at the “Brilliant”, the “Bizarre” and the “I’m Not Quite Sure” categories, I have to place myself among all three. As one who enjoys standing out from the cliché crowds at Halloween, myself and my flat mate Aisha decided it would only be appropriate that we were Kris and Bruce Jenner, with myself Charlie being Kris – of course. You really can’t go wrong with a little bit of controversial Kardashian.

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