Asda worker who helped deliver a baby in the toilets said it was ‘incredible’

Not your usual supermarket delivery

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A humble shop worker bravely delivered a baby in the Asda toilets after a heavily pregnant woman went into labour.

Staff rushed to help the woman after her water broke and Philly, who has worked at the store for eight years, stepped in to help deliver the child.

She told The Tab: “I just went into the toilet. There were two girls, and her sister was on the phone to 999.

“She just gave me the phone, and the operator said ‘Could you take over? We need to see how far on she is.’

“So I asked if it was okay and had a look. There was no baby but obviously there were things going on.”

The scene of the birth

Brave Philly was talked through the birth by the operator, but the amateur wasn’t helped by the poor line.

The mother, obviously worried, didn’t want to be moved, so the baby was delivered in store.

Philly added: “He was born about 25 minutes later – a little boy, it must have been 15 minutes before the ambulance arrived.

“It was amazing, it was incredible. I’m very proud of myself, I don’t usually say that but I didn’t panic.

“I just knew she was looking me right in the eye, I knew there was a baby who depended on me.”

But they had to think quickly when the cord snapped and had to be tied with a shoelace.

“The cord snapped, it was really scary, we had to tie it with a shoelace.

“It could have gone badly wrong, but she needed help.

“She needed someone to take control, and her sister was panicking.”

Before Saturday, she had no experience in assisting in childbirth, but said: “I watch One Born Every Minute and I do think it helped a bit, a lot actually. I was shaking afterwards, but it was fabulous.

“I saw everything before the head even showed. To see it all, it was absolutely fantastic. Because it was so unplanned, I just had to help her.

“The poor girl, she was shocked. Her waters broke and she went into heavy labour straight away, it’s not the ideal place.”

Philly continued: “None of the shoppers knew what was going on, there were loads of customers all in Halloween gear but no one knew until the baby was born.

“The mum was fantastic, really brave.

Asda is a popular choice for students on a budget

“I was shaking afterwards, I wouldn’t do it again! But it was a fantastic experience. I’ll always remember it.

“After that, I would be a midwife. After doing what I did, if I was a student again I would definitely look into that.”

She hasn’t since spoken to mum but is “hoping to get in touch with her”.

The baby, estimated at a healthy 8lb, has reportedly been named Wayne Junior after his father but sadly, the baby is still in hospital because of a slight heart murmur.

Philly has bought a present and a card for the little guy, and hopes when he grows up he can read it.