You’re better off at Asda: Staff deliver Halloween baby in Smithdown Road supermarket

A woman went into labour while shopping at 1.30am

asda baby Smithdown Road

While you were out celebrating Halloween, a baby boy was being born in Asda.

A woman went into labour as she was shopping at the Smithdown Road superstore and a member of staff had to deliver the baby.

The baby, whose original name of Wayne has been changed, was born around 1.30am and weighed 8lb.

Staff member Philly delivered the child, reportedly in tears.

The woman pictured had nothing to do with the event

Asda is a popular choice for students on a budget

A spokesperson from the supermarket told The Tab: “A lady was found in the toilet clearly distressed and a colleague phoned an ambulance.

“Philly was quick thinking and delivered the baby in store.

“The baby was born happy and healthy.

“We did think he was called Wayne but apparently that has changed.”

Witness Wesley Healy tweeted his recollection of event.

He thought “some dickhead” had fallen over when drunk but was shocked to see the newborn baby upon entrance.

He praised the staff for their reaction to the baby boy being born.

More to follow.