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Because who doesn’t want to be asked about politics on their night out?

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Liverpool’s locals and students needed a little boozy boost before they spoke to The Tab about current affairs.

As well as being the city that brought you the Toxteth Riots, Purple Aki and The Beatles, Liverpool is renowned as a centre of mid-range learning and academia, largely for people who went through clearing.

Yearning to know just what the bright young things of this town have to say on all things political, cultural and spiritual, the Tab went out and talked to the people on the street. 

Their responses to our questions were hilarious…

As we traipsed around Concert Square and Seel Street, our guests were more than happy to talk about the Pistorius sentence, the EU and of course about how pissed they were.

Our lovely editor Adam Payne features, likening himself to Leonardo Da Vinci, following his removal from Faculty after being breathalysed.

One last question, who the fuck is the Deputy Prime Minister?