So, you’re going to Juicy for the first time

A step by step guide to looking fresh while winding and grinding at your first Juicy

dress fashion Hip Hop Juicy liverpool

Don’t be a basic bitch… dress accordingly. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know who Big L is – dress the part and Hip Hop knowledge will speak for itself.

While an LBD may be perfect for strutting your stuff on a Saturday night in town, this crowd calls for a more alternative vibe. Beyonce may be Queen Bey but for Juicy fashion think Miss Dynamite meets Tulisa.

photo 1

Take that off you look like a tit

First things first, swap those killer heels for some “fresh creps”. Anything your dad wore in the 90s will have those Rude Boys falling at your feet.

photo 2

Chicken legs

As for your hair don’t even bother washing it, the “just rolled out of bed look” is all the rage. Or if you’re feeling particularly fly throw in a scrunchie for good measure.


Scrunchie swag

photo 3

Can everyone see my scrunchie, yeah?

Rude Boys show the girls you “aint no scrub” and dust off those snapbacks. There’s nothing a girl loves more than the pressure of a peak on her forehead mid neck.

Patriotic #LAD

That naked girl on your t-shirt is bound to bring the girls in too

Girls take note too, snapbacks aren’t just for the boys. In Juicy, Queens swap thier crowns for caps. Bow down bitches.


Notorious F.A.B

Show off your ice loud and proud. Give 2 Chainz a run for his money, when it comes to bling more is more.


4 Chainz?

Now you know the vital requirements to make a statement and stand out at your first Juicy. Remember to put the fresh in fresher and go bold or go home.