Curtain Call: Everyman wins national architect prize

The Everyman theatre can finally take a bow

Everyman liverpool Theatre

Liverpool’s Everyman theatre grabbed first place in this year’s Royal Institute of British Architects’ Stirling Prize.

Having trumped the likes of London’s Shard and the Library of Birmingham to the top mark, the nine year £24million rebuilding project has certainly paid off, and it’s right by campus.

The refurb may have taken its time, but the architects behind the project, Haworth Tompkins, were determined to make a theatre “for the people”.

The Everyman launched Bill Nighy and Julie Walters’ acting careers, and the theatre is “thrilled” to have won the critically acclaimed prize.

The swanky new Everyman

Round of applause for beating London

Ex-Everyman employee Doug Boulton told The Tab: “I think it’s totally deserved, it’s an incredible building, definitely one of the best theatres I’ve ever been to.

“It took a lot of hard work because they basically demolished the old Everyman entirely and then rebuilt the new one in the same spot, so it took a while.

“The Everyman’s always been filled with incredibly talented people, both on and off-stage, so it’s good they’ve now got an award winning building to call home.”

Artistic and Executive Director of the Everyman, Gemma Bodinetz, said: “We’re thrilled to have won this most prestigious of awards.

“The Everyman was built with humanity at its heart, an intent embodied by the 105 people of Liverpool on its façade.

“Since we reopened the warmth of feeling from the public to their much-loved Everyman – given a daring and brilliant rebirth from Haworth Tompkins – has been almost overwhelming.”

Jazz night at the Everyman Bistro

She added: “Haworth Tompkins have delivered us a building that is sustainable, technically first rate and with unparalleled levels of accessibility for a theatre.

“On a small site with many competing needs and technical necessities, they overcame every challenge with zeal and imagination to create something which is a beautiful as it is functional.

“But most of all, they have transformed a building that lacked so much, into a building that embodies what the Everyman’s ethos has always been: world-class theatre in our auditorium, nurturing new writing, great food in convivial spaces, and somewhere for young people to dream of a future where nothing is impossible.

“Ten years ago, when we embarked on this journey with Haworth Tompkins, we could never have imagined it would end in winning the RIBA Stirling Prize: they have designed a building that supplies joy beyond expectation to every visitor and those of us lucky enough to work there.”