We asked the SJ for their grimmest one night stand stories

Because who doesn’t want to reveal their dirtiest secrets about one night stands when they’re in the library?

against for one night stand student sydney jones library

A recently conducted survey at Sydney Jones shed some blinding light on the hilarious, dirty and borderline disturbing sexual antics of library go-ers.

While this is to be expected of probably the horniest sector of society, some of the filthy tales of student sex left us questioning what the fuck had they been taking that night.

The Good (those who bloody love shagging)

Chris the Bachelor

Pretty funny for a fresher, Maddie

Speaking from experience, Victoria?

Alright Katie, keep it PG

Steady on Natty!

Sensitive Sameer

Anthony, the Romeo

Liv tells it like it is

Karra is DTF

The Bad

Sorry Dad, I mean Jason

Diana thinks outside the box

Ellie and Chris, aka love’s young dream

Fair play to Lydia

The Ugly (when one night stands go tits up)

One off the bucket list, Elise?

Absolute nightmare for Jen

Rachel’s legitimate reason to join a sport’s society

The classic sex sneeze

There are no words

Shit happens for Tom

Stay classy, Ben


Standard Sam

Whether or not you agree or disagree with one night stands (or you couldn’t really give a shit), it’s certainly going to take a few quad vods to shake the image of that poor girl finding ‘the lost condom’…inside of her.