No one is worried about Ebola hitting Liverpool

Liverpool is on red alert for the virus, but no one really cares

Ebola liverpool royal liverpool hospital

Liverpool is one of the four hospitals in the UK on red alert for the Ebola virus, but campus is as calm as ever.

Liverpool is expected to be one of the first cities hit by the deadly virus if it does reach the UK, so it’s good to see these potential victims have total faith in the Royal.

This group of second year students had mixed opinions on the potential outbreak of Ebola in the UK.

History and French student Nick is not worried at all.  He said: “They’ve started screening airports and stuff so I’m not worried yet.”

But Saj admits he is concerned.  He said: “It’s an air borne disease so if it comes here we’re screwed.”

Saj, Theo, Vishnu, and Nick have mixed opinions on the virus

Second year English and Communications student Luke has faith in the UK’s healthcare capabilities.

“I’m not too worried about it because I know hospitalisation here is good.”

Law student Louis is one of the few students anxious about getting the disease.

He said: “You definitely have to be worried about it because you may die if you catch it.

“Stay in your rooms and lock yourselves in and hope nothing happens – fingers crossed.”

Louis recently bought himself a pair of ‘Nike Air-Bolas’ – his words not mine.

Marketing student Nicola said: ” I guess it’s a bit like swine flu isn’t it? I just hope I don’t get it.”

Laura, a second year International Business student is going to take some preventative measures: ”I’m going to take more precautions when being in public, like start using hand sanitiser.”

The girls prepare with hand sanitiser

Second year Physiotherapist Jasmine admits she is “a bit scared”.

She goes on to say: “The hospital is literally just over there. I do placements at the Royal as well.”

Jasmine does placements where Ebola could hit

“I’m not worried about Ebola” says brave first year Sociology and Criminology student Cat. “We’ve got enough medication and resources to survive it.”

Completely fearless of Ebola

Geography student Lily has trust in the medical facilities at the Royal hospital.

She said: “I have faith in the UK healthcare system to deal with any potential outbreak we have here.

“But the thought of having friends and family potentially at risk is a bit daunting.”

Lily believes the UK healthcare system can tackle the crisis

Business whizz Callum shows no concern about the potential outbreak: “With the technology over here I think we’ll be able to contain it”

Callum is not worried

Second year Physios Lydia and Fraser are glad preparations are taking place.

Lydia said: “I’m not really scared but it is good that they’re preparing.”

Fraser added: “It’s good that they’ve got sanctions at Heathrow as well.”

The couple are both glad measures are in place

First year Physiotherapist Katie said: “The UK is going to be more on guard and ready to tackle it compared to Africa.”