That’s pisstory – fresher hit by flatmate’s urine on the 699 bus

That’s one way of bonding with a flatmate

699 drunk freshers piss students

Wednesday is a huge night for students but not many could have predicted what went down on the last 699 bus of the night.

Imagine the horror for the fresher who accidentally poured a pint of her own urine over flatmate.

Anyone got any Herbal Essences?

The anonymous student had been drunkenly moaning for the majority of the journey about how much she needed to pee, when she finally caved in and pissed in a plastic pint glass on the upper deck of the bus.

After shouting “DOWN IT FRESHER!” she then attempted to throw the whole cup out of the window of the bus, bottom first.

Everyone looking nice and dry prior to piss-gate

Unfortunately Colleen, a History and Politics student, had chosen the wrong seat on the bus that night.

She told The Tab: “Everyone was on the bus buzzing for a night out and then all of a sudden my fucking demon friend was like ‘I really need a piss’ then someone had the bright idea of giving her a cup to pee in – and then, unbeknown to anyone how she did it – she managed to wee in a cup on a bus of 80 people.”

“And then she was waving the cup around for a bit thinking she was a lad, before having the great idea to put it out the window, and because of the bad angle of the windows it didn’t go out the window and went all over me instead. Next thing I know I’m absolutely drenched in her thick, warm piss.”


The bus reached its final stop and by that time everyone on the top deck had realised what had happened.

A friend said: “Everyone started chanting piss girl and trying to get selfies with her”.

The incontinent student told The Tab: “My bad.”