£10,000 of goods stolen from Salisbury road: Smithdown thugs strike again

Laptops, ipods, tablets, speakers and a CAR this time

burglary crime police Smithdown Road wavetree

Ruthless opportunists punch through back window and kick down every bedroom door on Thursday night

The burglars, yet to be identified, are thought to have gained entry to the Salisbury student house just after all 6 housemates had left for a night out at around midnight according to the police

Second year student Helen who’s Toyota Yaris was nicked says:

“Both the front and back doors were locked, and all windows closed. But we forgot to set the alarm.

“If you include my car, there was well over ten grand’s worth of stuff taken.”

Robbers punched through bottom window to open the top one

Police say that the thieves arrived and left the house between 12-2am early Friday morning.

Helen continued:

“We got home at about half two and I knew something was wrong straight away.

“My car wasn’t at the front of the house where I leave it parked.

“I hope people read this and do what they can to stop this from happening to them.”

Coincidentally the housemates admit to using Phoenix cab company, the same company used by recent victims of theft. 

Phoenix, popular amongst students for it’s cheap taxis, are rumoured to be linked with the Smithdown robberies following a recent police patrol.

Police knocked on doors and warned students living off Smithdown Road that certain cab drivers, not specifying a company name, have been accepting money from street criminals and letting them know which houses are empty after a big pick-up.

Offices are advising residents to be picked up from the end of the road rather than explicitly giving taxi companies a door number.